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The Mission of St. Luke's Lutheran Church is to

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As a community of faith in God, the members of St. Luke’s welcome ALL regardless of your age, your economic status, your ethnicity, your gender identity, your physical or mental abilities, your sexual orientation, or even if you confidently believe, or may be questioning.

We affirm that in Christ Jesus “There is no east or west; no north or south – only ONE great assembly of LOVE throughout the whole, wide earth!” We hope you leave both refreshed and renewed to face with encouragement the challenges of your week.   

Our Rule of Love

This Sunday:

The Holy Trinity

10:00am Sanctuary

“Bearing Witness With Our Spirit”

Memorial Day Weekend

Main Text: Romans 8:12-17
(Isaiah 6:1-8; John 3:1-17 

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CHILDREN'S CHURCH: We will be learning about Joseph.  

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We would love to recognize your achievement!

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Join us at the Ashcraft group home for a free acoustic concert featuring singer/songwriter Josh Daniels.

Saturday, June 15 at 4PM

Ben McCall lives here, his parents Vanessa Infanzon and Ryan McCall
have been members at St. Luke's for 20 years.

Bake sale to help send group home residents to the beach this fall. 

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Bake sale & Concert Flyer


     We have launched a new educational program for our children. During the service, Pastor will call the children forward, but instead of a Message, he will dismiss them from the sanctuary, and they will go to another location for Bible studies and activities. They will rejoin the service in time to have communion with their families.

     Marilyn Schuster and Mr. Terry, with their years of experience as Sunday School teachers, will lead the program. Until the end of the school year, the children will be studying “Heroes of the Old Testament” and enjoying many of the most famous and beloved stories of the Bible.

We think this will be a great learning experience and a lot of fun for our children. Please pray for the success of the program and contact Diana Brooks or Heather Micci with questions or concerns. 

Boy Scout Troop 355 BBQ

Smoked BBQ, Brunswick Stew, Red Slaw & BBQ Sauce
are still available.

Hickory Smoked BBQ $14.00 per pound

Brunswick Stew $14.00 per quart

Red Slaw $5.00 per pint

BBQ Sauces $5.00 a bottle
Eastern Mild, Eastern Hot, Western

Please make checks out to Boy Scout Troop 355

Please call the office regarding purchase.

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Gift Report: What are the greatest gift of our church?

Focus Report: What should our next Pastor focus on? 
                How will we support the Pastor?

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